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DIY modern, framed silhouette photos


Here is a super quick, easy and best of all CHEAP diy project for ya.  About a year ago I became obsessed with portrait silhouettes.  I love the way they capture children’s profiles and I knew I wanted to have them made for my kids.  After doing a bunch of research, I found out that you can have these hand cut in Disney’s Magic Kingdom while you are there.  And it is only $8!!  Say what???  I couldn’t believe it.  But it is true.  There is actually a small kiosk on main street (down a side street off of main street) and you can have them done there.  In literally 5 minutes.  It is truly the greatest souvenir I have ever gotten at Disney.

Normally you see these framed in small, black, oval frames.  It is the classic way to showcase them.  Yeah, that was not going to happen here.  We needed bigger.  Bolder.  Dare I say..snazzier?

I had the idea to frame them in black frames with a big white mat.  I got the frames at Ikea and loved the size of them.  There was a large gap though since the silhouettes I got from Disney are not that large.  To make up the space I decided to grab some scrapbook paper and layer it.  I chose gold glitter because I just loved it.  But honestly.  Every time I am in the craft store I see another paper that I think would look so gorgeous layered in this frame.

It was super easy to create this look.  I had to cut down the scrapbook paper just a little.  I used double stick tape to adhere the silhouette to the paper and then made sure it was centered in the frame.  Taped the scrapbook paper to the mat and then sealed it all up.  I used command strips to hang them, so if I do decide to change out the paper it will be very easy.

I ended up hanging the frames on the wall in the kids hallway.  Between their rooms and their shared bathroom.  I love that I can see Joey’s little picture poking out while I am working in the kitchen.  I am super pleased with how this project came out.  It was cheap (total cost for both was just about $40.00) and really simple.  I love the modern twist on the classic old silhouette photos.

Oh and just to add, even if you don’t have a trip to Disney planned in the future, there are different ways to get the silhouettes created for you.  I have seen many DIY projects on pinterest and many cities have artists that specialize in this.  Good luck!  Let me know if you make one!

XO Danielle

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