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DIY Burlap Christmas Tree Skirt


Hi everyone!  I just wanted to share a fun DIY to add a little something extra to your Christmas decor.  I actually made this burlap tree skirt a couple of Christmas’s ago and never got around to sharing how easy it is!

I used my existing tree skirt as a base which helped a ton.   That way I didn’t have to guess and measure how big I wanted the skirt.   Also, our older skirt was padded and it added a nice under-layer for the burlap skirt.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Tree skirt (for a base)

Ivory fabric (felt, fleece, whatever you can find on sale)


Hot glue gun + Glue

Lay out the ivory fabric and place the old tree skirt on top.  (FYI this will ruin the old skirt since we will be gluing the 2 together).  Trace a circle following the guide of the old skirt onto the ivory fabric leaving about an inch of overhang for the ivory.  Once it is traced, cut along the line so you have 2 circles, the old skirt and the new piece of fabric.

Using the hot glue gun, glue the old skirt to the new fabric.

Take the burlap and cut it into 3″ wide strips.  You are going to start lining the ivory fabric with burlap from the outside of the tree skirt and work your way into the center.   The ivory fabric will help if there are any spots that you can see through the burlap and it will serve as a layer to blend the colors.  That worked especially good in my case since the old skirt I used was red.

You are going to hot glue the burlap down in the strips.  Glue a few inches and then fold the burlap creating a ruffle, glue that piece down.  Then glue another few inches and keep ruffling.  Layer each row with an inch overlap to create a full look.

Once you get to the center you’re all done!  I was even able to use the old tree skirt buttons to hook my new skirt closed once I placed it around the tree.

This was a super easy project that took only a couple of hours!  And because all I had to purchase the fabric, it cost under $10!

Hope you are having a fun, festive December!

XO Danielle

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