waste not want not banana bread

Ok, so as promised I have the perfect banana bread recipe for you today.  If you’re following my $100/month grocery challenge I talked about how I made a quick banana bread to use up the ripened bananas that were going to go to waste.  This recipe was so easy to come together and my favorite part Continue Reading →

Grocery Challenge Take 2

Good morning and happy Monday! Remember last November…when I had the insane idea to challenge give myself only $100 to spend the entire month on groceries for my family of four?  It was hard.  Really, really hard.   And I didn’t exactly succeed.  Thanksgiving sort of threw my budget for a bit of a loop, but Continue Reading →

trying to explain the bad…

This morning when I dropped Juliana off at carpool she made a comment about how there is a police officer at her school all the time.  I have also seen the officer every morning and afternoon.  I have waited for him to blow his whistle for the cars to open their doors and let the Continue Reading →

Dear Mini on your first day of kindergarten, 

Today is the day kiddo.  Your first day of kindergarten.  I have so much to say and lots of things to tell you but for some reason I can’t find the words.  I open my mouth to speak and tears pool up in my eyes.  I close my mouth and turn the other way so Continue Reading →

Happy Graduation, Happy Recital, Happy Everything

May was such a busy month for us, especially for Mini.  She finished out her last few weeks of preschool, performed in her 2nd dance recital, and walked across her 4K graduation stage (insert all the ugly cries here).   My mom came to visit for the week to help us celebrate all of her Continue Reading →