Dear Mini The Life

Dear Mini,

Life has been interesting these past few days.  You have had a horrible cold and are getting 3 big molars in.   You’ve been a touch miserable all week.  You are letting me wipe your nose every 5 minutes and you even cover your mouth when you cough!  It’s adorable, and your Daddy says he is sure you didn’t pick that up from me.  It’s been getting pretty boring hanging around the house these days.  Even though you are full of energy, you’ve really been too sick to go running errands with Mommy or walk to the park.  Yesterday we just hung out on the front porch with the hose and your beach toys and you had a blast.  It’s the little things that make your day.

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A little about you: (just 1 month shy of 2 years!)

Favorite foods:  Watermelon still, quesadillas, eggs with cheese, turkey hotdogs with baked beans, ice cream, yogurt, juice pops.  You will eat anything and everything.  Shrimp, pickles, vegetables, cheese, avocado.  Anything I give to you.  But ONLY when you are hungry and want to eat it.  Otherwise, I could wave oreos in your face and you don’t care.  Some days I’m lucky if you eat a slice of american cheese.  It is frustrating for me, but I keep trying new things and exciting ways to get you to eat more.

Favorite drinks: Chocolate milk for sure!  You still drink regular milk and you are always demanding me give you “JUICCCEEEEE”.  You like to drink daddy’s juice (OJ and POM but I add water to yours of course) but you hardly even every drink any.  You aren’t a huge drinker of anything.  But chocolate milk is by far your favorite if you had one.

Words: Just the other day you looked at me and stuck your hand out and yelled “WAIT”.  That was a new one.  Hey, Big bird, Minnie, Sleep, Water, Car, Truck, Doctor, are all pretty new this week.  I got you to scream “Daddy, breakfast” up the stairs the other day.  Sounded more like bekfest.  But it’s getting there.  Ohhh, and your new favorite word.  All day every day: “MINE”.  We were shocked when you said it the first time.  Clutching your cracker like we were going to snatch it from you and eat it.  And now you say it for everything.  Daddy said you learned it from “those bastards” at the gym.  I assume he is referring to other children in the play area.  I will keep my eyes peeled for such “bastards”.  In the meantime we are trying very hard to teach you how to share, and you are understanding it, but still think most things are entirely yours.

Potty training:  OMG this sucks.  It is horrible.  We tried the 3 day method.  We lasted 10 hours.  I wanted to kill myself and you were at the point of hysteria everytime you had to go to the potty.  So we are taking a more subdued approach.  You did go 2x pee pee though.  However, not even a princess doll and a sticker could get you to go again.  We are still working on that.

Paci:  You use it.  For sleeping purposes.  And when you fall and are screaming I usually stick one in your mouth to calm and soothe you.  Never in public, and not around the house during the day.  They stay in your crib, and one in the diaper bag for emergencies.  People tell me to take it away.  You can sleep at their house that night.  I don’t care if that thing goes to college with you.  Whatever gets you through the night kid.  All kidding aside, it is not a huge concern of mine to take it away.  I will in a few months.  I am choosing my battles, and I’d rather stop changing your diaper right now.

Favorite activity: Painting.  You love to paint on paper, canvas, your legs, the bathtub walls.  Anything you can.  You know how to use a paint brush, a sponge brush and how to finger paint like a pro.  You also love to color.  I would love if you only colored on paper.  Not your toys, and the tile, and the wall behind your kitchen.  (Didn’t think I’d find that one huh??)  You are excellent at puzzles too!  You have been doing puzzles since you were 13 months old!  I didn’t believe Nana when she swore you did it alone!  Now you are a whiz!  Always impressing me.

Favorite shows: Calliou.  Hands down.  You call him Cai and you love to show me his mommy and daddy.  He is pretty much all you watch.  You are about to start video 2 of my baby can read.  You repeat all the words back to the video and make all the motions it tells you!  You like that a lot too!

Favorite characters: Big bird, Minnie, and all the princesses.  You LOVE your Minnie Mouse toy that you get to change her clothes.  You always put her sunglasses on and let her look out the window.

Clothes size:  You fit in all sorts of sizes because you are tall and skinny.  You can still wear 18 month onesies but you wore a 3T dress the other day!  Most of your outfits are 18 months, 24 months and 2T.  You are wearing a size 4 diaper.  You weigh around 25 lbs.

I am taking you to go visit a preschool academy on Monday.   I think it is time that you spent a part of your day with other little kiddos.  You enjoy being around other kids so much!  I think sometimes you get bored staying home with Mommy.  Maybe a couple of times out of the house will be good for you!  You crave the interaction with the other kids because you are so outgoing and full of energy.

I love you my little baby.  I hope you feel better soon.  The weekend is coming and the whole world is out there for you to explore.

Love always,



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