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Master Bedroom Sneak Peek

Ok so since Mike and I moved in together in October 2009 we have had the UGLIEST master bedroom ever! A regular queen bed with no headboard, mismatched nightstands, an armoire, and whatever furniture pieces didnt fit in the living space. For example for a while our room doubled as an office, complete with desk, chair, printers etc.

I am SO excited to finally be focusing on this room. I want it to be a sanctuary. A calm place where we can retreat to and relax. I need to finally pull all of my ideas together and make this dream room a reality.

We started by ordering these fantastic dressers from Baer’s. I really wanted mirrors nightstands and since that was the only furniture we purchased, (I am not a matchy bedroom set person) we splurged and spent most of our re-do budget on these two pieces.

We plan on doing the rest DIY. Wish us luck. The other day I asked if we had a power drill. Mike better be helping or I’m going to make Mini assistant #1 and let her hold the box of nails and pray I don’t catch her chewing on them.

Here’s the sneak peek! My ETA is July 15. I know that’s far.. But I need time people! Right now it’s just a vision. A cloudy one. It needs to all come together. Here we go!


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    Nancy Gambino
    June 8, 2013 at 9:23 pm

    Can’t wait to see the results!

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