Nothing Says Bling Bling Like These Glitter Candlesticks

DIY candlestick glitter

I have a confession.  I love sparkly things.  Sequins, glitter, diamonds you name it.  If it shines, I must have it.   I have been wanting to redo a couple of gold candlestick holders to match my new grey/turquoise bedroom.   I was originally going to paint them either turquoise or silver but when I saw the container of glitter I knew what I had to do.

Here’s what I used:

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2 old candlesticks (free)

2 wiffle balls ($1 for 4 at the dollar store)

Glitter ($4.00)

Random fake flowers ($7.00)

Elmer’s glue

Sponge brush

Glue gun

 Line the table in paper.  Or do this project in the garage.  Glitter makes a mess.  A beautiful mess.  Not a mess Mike wants to step in.

Start at the base of the candle sticks and paint glue around about 1 inch at a time.  After the glue is painted, pour glitter over the area covered in glue.  Keep moving up the candlestick until it is entirely covered in glitter.

In the meantime, convince your ever-so-crafty husband to create the flower ball.  Pour him wine.  Lots of wine.  Insist that this is a bonding experience.  Teach him how to use the hot glue gun.  Pretend not to hear him curse when he burns himself.

The flower ball is easy.  Pluck all the flowers off the stems, then hot glue around the circle openings on the ball and place the flower in the hole.

Once the flower balls are done, place them on the side.  When the glitter is all dry on the candlesticks take them outside and spray them with clear spray paint to seal the job.

Now, you can glue the flower balls to the candlestick but I am just placing them there for now.  I might change the flowers into something that is more rounded.  I might even decide to use candles.  Either way, these are going to look adorable on my dresser!


3 Thoughts on “Nothing Says Bling Bling Like These Glitter Candlesticks

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  3. I love this idea!!! So crafty! Love glitter!

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