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Outdoor Paint Party

I spend so many day working in front of the computer, or running errands, or straightening up the house.   Well that last part was a lie.  I don’t straighten up.  Ever.  Ask my husband.  But be prepared for an earful.  My point is, not everyday ends up being a party.  However, I try very hard to do something fun for Mini each and every day.  Something that is just for her, that I know she enjoys.  Even if it takes 10 minutes.  Everyone has 10 minutes for their kids.  Even if there’s work and laundry and eek, cleaning.  Sometimes it’s as simple as making lunchtime into a picnic.  Having an extra long tea party.  Letting her shower in mommy and daddy’s shower.  These little things excite her.  And if she is engaged and excited, well then I feel like a successful mom.  Which is good, because when she wails through every single aisle in Target it’s hard not to feel like your doing something wrong.

A few weekends ago we had just a lazy weekend.  Mike worked of course the entire time, so it was the Mini and Mama show as usual.  I could tell she was getting sick of the same routine.  Walk around the block, stop at the park.  Blah blah.  And quite frankly, I don’t want to walk around the block.  It’s 10,000 degrees out.  So I decided to let her do some lakeside fingerpainting.

All it took was some paints, something to paint, a plate, and her hands.  Simple enough.  I let Mini pick her own paint out of all of my colors.  For this project she chose a bright blue, and my new Martha Stewart pearl shimmer.  Which I wasn’t thrilled about because I haven’t even used it yet and I need it for a project.  She loved it.  The things we do for our kids….

Just a heads up, I did try this first using really large sheets of painting paper, but the wind was blowing them around so I grabbed a box from the garage and cut a side off for her.  She didn’t know any better and it did the trick.






What can I say.  She loved it.  I loved that she was happy.  And I especially loved her big blue high five for me!  Ask Mike how much he loved scraping the leftover blue paint off of the driveway once we finished washing it off our hands.

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