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A fantastic weekend

A little late to a New Year’s resolution, but I made one nonetheless.  We shall call it my March 2013 resolution.  Mid March to be exact.  I decided to take better control of my life.  It is in my control, isn’t it.  Don’t ask Mike, he assumes he controls it.  It’s a male thing.  Or an Italian thing.  Whichever.  It is my new resolution to make the most of every single moment.  Even little tasks can be made more fun and memorable if you put some effort into them.  So as a result…check out our fantastic memorable weekend.

All began with a sunset picnic on the beach.  I get that we had to move away from our family and friends.  And I get that it really sucks and can be lonely.  But why not enjoy the beauty that is our new home, for the time we are here.  Instead of shitting on this town the entire time and making ourselves miserable.  I packed dinner, beach toys, and a bottle of wine.  Figured that would make it to the sunset finale of our evening.  Plans got off track when I forgot the wine opener.  I could screw up a wet dream.  Then they got further off track when the temperature dropped 10 degrees, the wind was blowing and Mini’s nose starting to do that annoying automatic boogie drippy thing.  Put all that aside, and I enjoyed mozzarella cheese, rosemary ciabatta and shrimp cocktail.  Mini enjoyed a ritz cracker and a chocolate pudding.  I give up.

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Saturday was for errand running.  Never fun with Mini as she loathes the stroller, high chair, car seat..and um anything else with straps to tie her down.  So I treated her just like the big girl she thinks she is.  And suprisingly, she listened!  And behaved!  Well I wouldn’t go that far, but she tried.  There was obvious effort.  And instead of a struggle, we made it into 3 stores without a meltdown or a snack.  So we finished our outing with  a mama and Mini lunch date at Panera bread.  The day was completely bittersweet.  On one hand it was so enjoyable to be able to communicate and enjoy my time with Mini, but on the other I was thinking WHERE IS MY BABY!?!  The Maggie Simpson paci sucking, doesn’t ever get her own meal, drinks from a sippy cup, throws food on the floor and laughs baby???  I had lunch with a little person.  A little person who ate half a grilled cheese and drank her milk from a box with a straw.  I relaxed when she squeezed the milk and it squirted all over us.  As Mini would say….ohhhh nooooooo. 034 036 041 042

Figuring our weekend was going so great, we took a little trip down to the Naples Zoo today with some of our friends.  My friend Heather has 3 of the most HANDSOME boys you will ever meet.  The zoo was…a zoo.  Smelled like shit in areas due to people sweating and animals shitting.  Precisely.  But we had a blast.  I even rode a camel!  I was surprised Mini’s belly wasn’t all red because I was holding onto her for dear life.  It was quite the experience and worth every cent of the $10 ride.  Mini also though it was a hoot to feed the giraffes.  They were so tall even I was impressed.  She was so brave and held up her lettuce leaves and let them lick the lettuce right out of her little hand, with their ginormously long tongues I might add.  Black tongues.  Kind of gross.  I am so happy she is still young enough to not be scared by anything.  I cringe the day she runs from Mickey Mouse screaming her head off.  But the day will come.

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Hands down, a fantastic weekend.  Ending perfectly with some couch snuggling and Blue’s Clue’s watching.  Now to go fix my martini before Revenge starts….

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