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Target Accessory Jackpot

So maybe you don’t yet know this about me, but I am a Target Clearance Whore.  I can practically sniff out a red clearance sticker from 2 aisles away.  In fact, my sister-in-law Nicole, one said this about me:

target ecard 2

Truer words have never been spoken.  She really gets me.

Regardless, this is not about my ability to scour post holiday sale racks and hoard them until they can come out again exactly 364 days later.  This is about accessories.

I am not one to really accessorize.  I am usually just wearing my engagement ring and wedding band.  I think accessorizes are ADORABLE and I think that they truly can make an outfit look that much more “put together”.  It was just never my thing.  And of course when I see a cute necklace or bracelet it is usually around $30-$40.  I just can’t justify spending 3 martinis worth of dollars on a bracelet I may never wear.  So I don’t buy it.

That being said…On one of my “lets walk down every single aisle in Target and see what we can find” outings, I came across some fantastic clearance accessories.  The kind of accessories that I see other people wearing and I’m all like “can I wear that?  Or will I look like an idiot?”  But I cannot pass up a good deal.  Ever.  I am the girl who owns 14 bottles of scrubbing bubbles because the price was just too damn good to leave them on the shelf.   (I am also the girl who hates to clean.  Anything.  But that’s besides the point)

So without any further ramblings…Here is what I found:

Danielle's IPHONE 003                      Danielle's IPHONE 004

These super cute bubble earrings!  They are clip on which is strange.  Who doesn’t have pierced ears????

Original price: $12.99

Clearance price: $6.48

Danielle's IPHONE 017                       Danielle's IPHONE 016

This vintage-y looking pearl necklace caught my eye immediately.  It has a chain that can be worn at multiple lengths and will look so cute with all of the sheer, collared, button down tanks that everyone’s wearing!

Original price: $16.99

Clearance price: $8.48

Danielle's IPHONE 014                    Danielle's IPHONE 015

I love this bubble necklace as much as the earrings above because they match!  And if I’m not feeling all matchy-matchy, I can totally wear them apart and they will still look great!  This necklace is big and chunky and a total statement.

Original price: $24.99

Clearance price: $12.48

Danielle's IPHONE 002

I love these bangles!  I love the sparkly gemstones and I love that they came in a set of 3.  You don’t just wear 1 bangle.

Original price: $19.99

Clearance price: $9.98

Danielle's IPHONE 019                    Danielle's IPHONE 018

This necklace is a winner because it is chunky and long.  I love it.  You can’t really tell, (from my bathroom pics while Mini was screaming soaking in the tub), but it is a really pretty peachy pink color.  Pink and gold is fantastic.

Original price: $19.99

Clearance price: $9.98

Danielle's IPHONE 005                  Danielle's IPHONE 006

Forgive my post gym, sweaty pictures.  I just had to showcase these beauties.  Gold, lace-y, dangling, chandelier earrings.  I fell in love.

Original price: $12.99

Clearance price: $6.48

    Danielle's IPHONE 008                        Danielle's IPHONE 009

And lastly.  This GEM.  My favorite.  It can be totally dressed up, or dressed down.  Made longer.  Or made shorter.  My favorite combination of pink and gold.  (there were other colors too!)

Original price: $29.99

Clearance price: $20.48

Total price for 4 necklaces, 2 pairs of earring and a set of bangles:


Moral of the story today?  Run.  Do not walk.  Run to your nearest Target.  Grab yourself some of these ASAP.  Enjoy your summer accessories.  You can thank me later.

In the meantime, what I learned from these pictures, is that I need to either stop raising my eyebrows, or go for botox.

And lastly, seeing my daughter run around the house like this:


Makes it worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY.

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    May 18, 2013 at 7:39 pm

    Love the findings! Super classy but simple @ the same time 🙂 also when u do the botox, I’m in! Lord knows I have the same issue….

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