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weekend recap — our trip to NC!

Happy Monday! 

And yes, I love Monday’s.  It’s when the kids go back to school, duh.  No shame here.  We play and argue and snack alllll weekend long (or in this case a 3 day weekend) so I am usually ready when Monday gets here.   I spent the previous weekend driving with the kids to my mom and Cliff’s new house in North Carolina.  It took them almost an entire year to build it and it was worth the wait.  It’s so pretty and has gorgeous views.  We went last year for a weekend and my kids couldn’t wait to go back.  

Mike had to work and couldn’t come but I wasn’t going to let the idea of being in the car alone with 3 kids for hours and hours stop me.  And honestly, the drive wasn’t bad at all!  I stopped off at the library to grab some new books and movies and we were good to go.  My kids really are great road trippers though.  They’ve been thoroughly conditioned from all of our trips back to South Florida!  

The house is in Hendersonville which is considered apple country.  It’s row after row of apple orchards!  Last year I bought a bushel of apples and literally made applesauce for months!  I wasn’t planning on doing that again but we did take the kids picking and brought home plenty to eat.  And of course had some cider slushies and apple doughnut while we were there!

We had a great time visiting Chimney Rock (which Joey made a song up about…and didn’t stop singing the whole way home), gem mining, ice cream tasting, carnival riding, apple picking and eating, fishing, and just about doing anything and everything possible that there is to do!  We squeezed a lot of activities into our 48 hours that’s for sure.  

We were really excited that my sister Jessica and her boyfriend had a trip planned that overlapped ours by a day so we were able to see them for a quick visit too!  I even brought a turkey and we cooked a mini-Thanksgiving dinner since we won’t all get to be together to celebrate later on this month.  Gotta make the best of it I guess.  And it’s totally normal to take a turkey on a 6 hour road trip right??


We made it home just in time to have Sunday dinner with Daddy and show him all the gemstones that we brought home!  The kids are already planning on going back next week, according to them, and I swear Joey is still singing his Chimney Rock song.  I’m hoping he forgets the words soon, ha!

Hope you’re having a great start to the week!  

XO Danielle

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