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Happy 30th Birthday Mike

It feels so strange to say those words.  It makes me feel old actually.  I met my husband on his 21st birthday.  Exactly 9 years ago.  We have been together ever since.

When you are involved in a serious relationship at a young age you are faced with 2 choices.  Either grow together or grow apart.  Mike and I were 18 and 21.  We had lots of growing to do.  We still do.  We chose to grow together.  To support each other.  To back one another up.  That is the choice we made all those years ago.  It is how we live today.  It is how we will continue to live our lives.  We chose each other.  In love.  In friendship.  In life.  And like any strong relationship, when shit gets tough we make martinis and get over it.

So Happy Birthday Mike.  Thank you for being you for all these years.  I cannot wait to celebrate 100 more birthdays with you.


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    Nancy Gambino
    June 30, 2013 at 8:58 am

    Awww that was very nice! I hope you both have another hundred happy years together <3 you both!

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