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This should be interesting.  Mike always asks what I am thinking about when he talks to me.  I must give a dead blank stare.  Which I continue to give when asked what I’m thinking about.   He says that given my look, he can only assume I am thinking of things like cotton candy, snow flakes and fairy dust.  If only he knew.

So here’s what I’m thinking today…

Is there a service that comes and takes toddlers to teach them how to use the potty?  If not can someone start that?  I’ll give you the plan.  Rent a big space.  Buy lots of potties.  Buy lots of M&M’s.  Get a van.  Paint it with all sorts of bright colors.  Name your business “Poopy Playhouse”.  It will be like a week long sleep-away camp.  Pick up the kids.  Throw out the diapers.  Deliver the kids back trained.  Charge an armload.  I would pay an armload.  To not have to be bothered.  Absolutely.  Just give me credit for the idea when you’re successful.

Will Mini ever develop a steady appetite?  It’s like she eats one day and her little body feasts on the remains for the next 3.  Some days I swear she eats a piece of cheese and a bite of a French fry.  That’s it.  I’m getting better at not stressing about it.  She eats when she’s hungry I guess.  She’s also loving green smoothies 🙂  And on the bright side I’ll continue to save money on kids meals when we go out to eat.  She will probably eat squeeze pouches until she goes to high school.  How embarrassing.

This cleanse that I’m doing is going fairly well.  I am on day 4 of the Advocare 10 day cleanse.  It is just so damn boring.  What do people do if they are not eating pizza and chips??  And on top of it, I am about to get my monthly gift.  Awesome.  Now is when I need chocolate and vodka.  I will have to settle for salmon and broccoli.  Again.  More on the cleanse another day.  I’ve got details for ya.

Am I ever going to fit into the rest of my pre-mini wardrobe.  I mean most stuff I can fit into, but I have some really nice expensive jeans that refuse to climb past my thighs.  What gives?  I am going to have to slather my legs in oil if I ever want to wear those again.

Summer TV totally sucks this year.  If anyone is watching anything good, let me know.  Because I have been bored stiff.   No good food, no vodka, no TV.  Is there a reason to keep living???  Ok a touch dramatic, but seriously…

So there.  That’s what I’ve been thinking about.  Tell Mike its not all sunflowers and skittles.  Although sometimes it is.




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    Nancy Gambino
    July 16, 2013 at 3:19 pm

    With such a creative mind,so many great ideas,I can’t believe you haven’t made a fortune yet!

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