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Sensory play — Bathtub Painting

It was New Year’s Eve 2012.  Mike was working.  It was just me and the Minster.  And she was sick.  A wicked, nasty sick.  I think she whined for 48 straight hours.  She was just miserable.  Didn’t want to play with toys, didn’t want to eat, just wanted to lay on me.  And whine.  Did I mention she whined?

So in my efforts to make her night more enjoyable, (and mine for that matter).  I introduced her to shaving cream bath paint.  She had an absolute BALL in the tub.  Got to paint all the tiles, and herself!

She liked it so much, that I often throw a “paint party” during bathtime.  She would hang out in there forever, if I’d let her!  Here’s some pictures from our latest “party”.

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What you need:

Shaving cream (foamy)

Food coloring

Paint brushes (sponge brushes)

Squirt a good amount of shaving cream into each section of a jumbo muffin pan.  Add food coloring to each section in whatever colors you would like.  The more food coloring you add, the more vibrant the colors will be!
Let your child unleash their inner artist!!  They will figure out what to do with hardly any instruction.  Let them explore!  Let them feel the texture of the shaving cream with their fingers.  Teach them the colors.  Draw shapes on the shower walls.  So much can be done with this one activity!  Including face-timing grandma so she can see the live artwork!  🙂

Have fun with this!  They sure will.

And like most of our activities.  I love an easy clean up, this one rinses right off and down the drain.  Ta-Da!  Clean shower!

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