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Sensory Play…Take 1

So I’ve learned throughout my short journey into the world of motherhood so far that the busier I can keep my toddler the better we all are. When Mini is busy, she is engaged, interested and my favorite, getting tired. A new, exciting morning activity leads to a nice long afternoon nap. Win win. So I invited over lil cuz Milania for some colored cool whip.

Started out like this…
A touch aprehensive.  What is it?  It’s all different colors.  Can we touch it?
Can we eat it?  Why are we naked??
Don’t worry, before long they got into it.  When they realized it was sweet
tasting, well forget it.  I love this shot of Mini feeding her cousin with the
paintbrush.  Yum yum!


And I will leave you with my favorite picture of the entire morning.  I love the look in her eyes.  Too cute this baby is 🙂


There’s a ton more sensory play to come!  The girls had a blast and it was great
watching them explore.  It is an interesting way to teach the babies their
colors and about different textures.  Giving them a paintbrush also made it fun
to watch as they painted each other.  I hope these two never end up at fantasy
fest in Key West 😉  They’ll blame me.


1 Muffin tin (I used jumbo size)
1 Container of cool whip
Food coloring

Just scoop some cool whip in each container and then add a few
drops of food coloring to each.  The more food coloring added the more vibrant the colors will be.
I mixed each with a toothpick and then kept the
tray in the fridge until I was ready to let the girls play.  I will try to
achieve more of a rainbow tone next time, so we can practice colors.  It’s hard
to teach a toddler the color “baby blue” and “pastel yellow”…PS I threw the sheet right in the washer and nothing stained!  I used a white sheet just in
case I needed to bleach it, but there was no need!  Love me an easy clean up!

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