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Aunt Samantha Comes To Visit…

Hooray for our first Alabama visitor!   Before we even left Florida my mother bought a plane ticket to come see us in the second week in October.  Then my little sister booked a flight for the week after that.  I think my older sister got jealous because after learning of everyone’s travel plans she jumped online and booked a flight to beat everyone here.

We don’t care what order the vistors come, we are just happy to have them!  This weekend was non-stop fun for Miss Mini.  Seriously.  It was so fun she actually needed a nap both Saturday and Sunday.  She hasn’t napped in 9 months.  It was really great having her run through the house until 10pm.  Reallllly great.  (Note the sarcasm.  I’m #teamnonaps all the way.  No nap and a 6:30 bedtime is perfection to this mama.)

Aunt Samantha definitely got a fun taste of motherhood the 4 days she was here.  She learned that toddlers like an audience while they poop.  Babies scream for no apparent reason.  Not cry.  Just scream.  3 year olds will just never agree with anything you say.  Babies get into everything.  Every cabinet.  Every bag left unattended.  Everything.  But I think it’s safe to say she had a blast too.  Between tea parties, the State Fair, and learning that the cost of liquor is 3x in Alabama than it is in Florida..we had a whirlwind weekend.  We absolutely cannot wait for her to come back.  You know, once she recovers.

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    Nancy Gambino
    October 9, 2014 at 8:35 am

    Love all the pictures!

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