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snow day

A week ago today we woke up to a snow filled morning.  Full of sledding down the front lawn on gymnastics mats, snowman building and freezing our tushies off.   Our snow-filled weekend came as a total surprise.  We woke up last Friday to a complete Winter Wonderland.  Unlike anything I had ever seen here in Birmingham.  Typically when the forecast says snow, we get flurries that then melt and refreeze.  Then we end up with ice and the entire city basically shuts down.  So to actually have snow that fell all day and was powder soft to play in was incredible.  

And it gets even better.

My 3 best friends in the entire world flew in that morning!  They had this trip planned for months and we were literally counting down the days.  I’m not going to lie, when I saw the snow forecast I panicked.  I was for sure their flight would be cancelled.  So all morning the kids and I stared out the window and watched the snowfall and I constantly refreshed the airline website to check on their flight status.  I couldn’t even believe it when Mike pulled down our snow filled street with a car full of my favorite people.  It was picture perfect.  

The snow really was incredible.  It was the kids first time to really get to enjoy snow, not just ice, and they had a blast sledding down the front lawn and building snowmen.  And well Joey spent the entire 2 days just eating it by the handful.  So much so, that I brought out the sno cone syrup and made him fresh sno cones.  ha!  Gio was not exactly a fan, but you wouldn’t have been either if someone stuck you in a snow suit that was 2 sizes too big.  He still did get some flurries on his face but spent most of his time inside watching through the window.  

Between the snow and my girlfriends visiting the weekend was truly magical.  I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect setting.  

I hope you are all having a perfect December.

XO, Danielle

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