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This past week was such a busy one for us!  Spring Break started and we had lots of Easter activities and celebrations.  We hope everyone is enjoying the start of Spring as much as we are!  Bring on the sun and outdoor activities!!

Juliana got her 2nd costume for her dance recital and I got to peek in on her dance class!  She is getting so excited about picture day next week.  I’m pretty sure it’s only because she gets to wear make-up but either way, I love how into it she gets!

I took the kids to see the Easter bunny and for the first time in 4 years I had a screaming kid.  Of course Joey was waving and excited from afar, but the second I stuck him on the bunny’s lap he just flipped out.  I guess I can’t blame him.  Nothing a little Chik Fil A in the food court couldn’t fix.  I am pretty sure my kids think chocolate milk and chicken nuggets can fix anything.

School was out for Good Friday and we had a fun playdate at the zoo with our friends.  Ever read on the news about a kid falling into fenced in areas where the animals are?  I always think, geez people need to watch their kids better.  Then I met Joey.  He literally tried to climb up onto every single fence.   Luckily he let me strap him into the stroller before he became the elephants lunch.

On Saturday morning Juliana had gymnastics.  She is absolutely loving it!  I mentioned that there was a class and by the time I turned around she was already dressed and ready to go.  The kids had their swim assessments afterwards and we start swim lessons on Saturday!  They both were so happy to be in the pool.  My little Florida babies 🙂

The weather has been beautiful and Saturday night we grilled on the deck.  We played around with my selfie stick and Mini had fun taking a bunch of pictures of herself.  I love the one of Mike and Joey photobombing her.  Haha!

Easter Sunday was full of excitement of course.  The kids got baskets full of goodies and we had an egg hunt around the house.  Joey had no clue what he was doing but that’s alright.  Every time he found an egg he had to stop an open it and examine what was inside.  (And ask if he could eat the chocolate).  Mini found the golden egg again this year and stuck that dollar bill right into her piggy bank.  Ah, the little things!  When Mike got home we made Easter dinner and the kids were asleep by 7.

We are looking forward to a fun week ahead as we celebrate Spring Break!

Hope your week was as great as ours 🙂

XO Danielle

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