The Life

It Begins…

My name’s Danielle.  I decided to start blogging as way to document life and
share my world with the rest of the

A little of my background…Ok. I’m 26. Married to my best friend.
We have the most amazing baby girl ever. Ever. Unless she cries for absolutely
no reason. Not so amazing then. Her name is Juliana, but I refer to her as Mini.
Try to keep up. Don’t get confused. The hubs is Michael. Mike. Mikey. Munch.
Poodle Pie. Lollipop Pumpkin. Sugar Dumpling. We are in love. Go with it. Dating
since I was 18. Married December 2010. Yes that is together 7 years. You
mathmatician. Yes it is a lifetime. One I would never change of

These are a few of my favorite
Eating: Anything. And all the time. I ate like
a prized pig when I was pregnant. And a whole year later I am still going
strong. No longer eating for 2. Just a much larger me.
Drinking: Love my cocktails. Mimosa brunches. Wine
dinners. And vodka…well vodka whenever. Vodka is my favorite.
Couponing: Became my entire life when I was
pregnant with a husband that works a million hours and couldn’t enjoy a
Cooking: Because naturally that comes with eating.
Family: Because just when I thought I had a big crazy loud
family full of brothers and sisters…I get married to an ITALIAN. And now
family has doubled. Double the people. The fun. The dinners. The babies. The
drama. You can imagine. Or if you can’t..keep reading. And last but not least…
Shopping: After quite a hiatus I am about to  revisit this intense love affair. X100.

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