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Gambino Family Fun Day

Last weekend the unimaginable happened.  Mike actually had a day off.  He usually works both Saturday and Sunday so Mini and I were excited to have him around!  I needed to make a plan for the day.  In this family, if there is no plan, well…at 1 pm everyone is still in their pajamas.  So I decided that we would all go to the zoo.

Mini and I had gone to the Naples Zoo before, but not with Mike.  We had a good time, besides the fact that Mike complained the entire time that it smelled like animal feces.   I’m not sure what he was expecting.  Roses?  Lavender?  I mean, it’s a zoo.  A hot, smelly, zoo.

I was a little bummed because this time Mini was scared to feed the giraffes.  Mike held her, but when they got up to the giraffe she didn’t want to feed him.  She did it last time with me and wasn’t afraid at all.  However, she is going through a “everything scare me” phase.  The dark, ants, birds, ducks, the moon.  Everything scares her.  I hope this passes quickly.

We made it around the zoo fairly quickly.  It isn’t a really big zoo and a lot of the animals were sleeping.  It’s so hot, they probably passed out from heat exhaustion.  Regardless, it was fun to walk around and Mini got to play at all the little play areas.

After the zoo we went out for brunch.  Poor Mini was sleepy already and decided to lay down in the booth.  I however, ate the most delicious sugar glazed bacon.  I am still thinking about it.  I think I need to learn how to make that.

Of course by the time we got home, Mini was over the idea of a nap.  Mommy and Daddy were not.  So we all laid in our bed and watched the Lion King.

The day was a success.  We only wish Daddy could play with us every weekend 🙂











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