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Don’t tell me…

This weekend Mini and I took one of our twice weekly Coscto runs.  Coscto is the closest store to us and I am wildly fascinated by giant tubs of applesauce.  Wildly.   I buy those giant tubs.  In packs of 3.   As an added bonus, Mini loves to walk the aisles of Costco.

My child is a free sample scouter.  At 2.  I won’t even eat the free samples at Costco.  And I am as cheap as they come.  You would think I would have interest in said “free lunch”.  However, the line of old people waiting for 2 crackers in a cupcake liner doesn’t do it for me.  (And I would much rather have a hotdog and diet coke for a buck fifty at their food court.)

However, I will say that my new Costco gives a great sample.  In a recent trip to Costco Mini was offered new Tyson Chicken Nuggets.   The bag said antibiotic free, white breast meat chicken so I said what the hell.  She jumped into the cart for her snack. She was happily munching away when, only an aisle later she was given an entire Chobani yogurt.  I admit I was shocked that the samples were so “full size”.  She had already eaten 2 nuggets and now was plowing her way through an entire yogurt.  You know I was thinking, WAHOO I DON”T HAVE TO MAKE HER DINNER!  Because the amount of food she ate sitting in that shopping cart was more then she eats in any sitting.  Thank you Costco for feeding my child dinner and allowing me to shop 2.5 aisles in peace.


Back to my story from this past weekend.  I was in Costco doing a regular food shopping and was about to check out when Mini started acting like the Tazmanian Devil.  So I grabbed her a sample of trail mix to keep her quiet while I paid.  I looked at the contents in the cupcake liner and saw a bunch of deliciousness that I knew she would like.  Dried cranberries, raisins, white chocolate chips, and an assortment of almonds and peanuts.

Ok so my daughter has had peanut butter.  She doesn’t eat it often because I don’t really think she likes it, but she has eaten it before.  She is not allergic to it. Therefore, I assume she is not allergic to nuts.  I let her start picking at her snack and check out.   As we are walking towards the exit Mini looks at me strange and starts to grab her neck.  { Mind you at this time I am currently digging through the bottom of my diaper bag for change so I can get a soda because I have no cash in my wallet and the food court doesn’t take Amex.  Got it?  I’m elbows deep in receipts, crayons and granola bar wrappers and Mini is sitting next to an empty cupcake liner which was 5 minutes before full of nuts and she is grabbing her throat. }

I panic.  I’m thinking holy shit balls don’t tell me this kid is allergic to nuts!!


She says “no”

Now she opens her mouth and starts clearing her throat, gagging and making a sound that I imagine comes from a baby T Rex.

I am officially freaking out and have stopped looking for change.  At this point a pepsi is last on the list of drinks I need.

I call my mother.


A little caught off mom says “What?! Nuts?  I don’t know!  I guess so!  What did she eat, what is she doing??”

Now that I have officially freaked out my mother, Mini looks at me with a straight face and says “eat?” while pointing to the line for hotdogs.

I now deem her ok for the minute, tell my mom to cancel the 911 call she was probably in the process of dialing and ignore the stares from the old people sitting at their table trying to enjoy their frozen yogurt in peace.  I get her out to the car and strap her in thinking ok, I live 2 minutes away and she hasn’t spazzed out in 4 minutes.  We can do this.  Now can someone explain to me why, when I am already freaked out even though my child is clearly not having an allergic reaction, she has to sit in her car seat and go bananas the entire way home.

Grunting, screaming for JUIICCEEEE, coughing, grabbing her throat etc.   Is she going to make me nuts for the rest of my life?  Haha get it.  Nuts?

This kid is going to drive me crazy.  With love and worry.  I wanted to look into carrying an epi-pen.  For those just in case moments, but I figure the amount of times Mini takes a bite of something and starts acting bizarre would lead to a lot of epi-misuse.

So what I conclude was a piece of a nut bothering her throat, because a) she didn’t swallow all the way or b) she was too excited she forgot to chew, had my heart pounding, sweat dripping, thoughts of don’t tell me this is happening right now.

Motherhood.  Never a dull moment.

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    June 6, 2013 at 8:36 am

    Well that was an interesting trip to Costsco!!!!! Jeezzzz these kids…… U said it right! Never a dull moment! Glad she’s ok!

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    Nancy Gambino
    June 6, 2013 at 8:44 am

    Always something with you two!

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