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Chicken Lettuce Wraps

I’ve had a craving for chicken lettuce wraps for about a week now.   I also have not been in the mood to cook for about a week now.  So I made this super easy dinner.  This dish literally took 15 minutes from start to bite.  It was perfect.

Here’s whatcha need:

1lb ground chicken

Small container mushrooms

1/2 a white onion


1 can water chestnuts (do yourself a favor and get sliced or diced, save time on chopping those bad boys)

Iceberg lettuce

Yoshida’s marinade (Amazing.  See photo below.  I get this big one at Costco for under $7.  It will last forever)

chicken lettuce wraps 1

First dice up your onions, mushrooms and water chestnuts.   Chop your garlic really small, or use a garlic press like I do.  While you are chopping and dicing, brown the chicken in a pan.  Break it apart with a wooden spoon and make sure all of the meat cooks through.  In a separate pan, drizzle some olive oil and saute the onions, mushrooms and garlic.  After a few minutes of sauteing add the water chestnuts.  Then, add the ground chicken to the mixture.  Stir it all up to get your ingredients combined.  Add 1/2 cup Yoshida’s marinade.  (I always add more after I mix it all in.  Just start with 1/2 cup and add more to your liking, you can also use it as a dipping sauce)

Once everything is all mixed together you are ready to start wrapping and eating!   Enjoy!  Best part about this dish?  Besides the fact that it is delicious…it is NO-CARB!  Guilt-free dinner.   You’re welcome.

chicken lettuce wraps 2

{ Please note: There are many variations to this dish.  Feel free to use ground turkey instead of chicken.  Top them with scallions.  Add ginger.  Add zucchini.  Make them your own.  Use what you have.  You will not be disappointed. }


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