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Mini’s 3rd Birthday! :Weekend Recap:

We survived Mini’s birthday weekend.  Mike and I are completely exhausted, but we did it.  72 hours of non stop festivities.  All for Miss Mini turning the big 3.  We decided instead of a party this year, we would take her and my sweet little niece Milania to Disney World for an overnight trip.   In the middle of June.  When it is 100 degrees.  Yes, I am insane.  But it was so worth it.  Let me start by saying, I am not Disney’s biggest fan.  Of course I think is it magical and fabulous.   But I also love beach vacations.  And margaritas.  Oh wait, I had a margarita in Epcot.  But it’s different.   What I do love about Disney?  Is seeing it through the eyes of my child.  The excitement and thrill she had seeing all the characters was simply the best thing ever.   It was worth all the sweating and overpriced bottles of water.

Here is the weekend in photos.  Be prepared.  There are A LOT of photos.

It all started like this….

We went to our favorite Mommy and Me story time at the library

1-159 Unfortunately our cupcake party in the park got rained out.  Big time.  Poor Mini got soaked.


We woke the birthday girl up super early, went to pick up Milania and spent an entire day sweating our tushies off in the Magic Kingdom.

1-003 1-297 1-298

1-303 1-305 1-016 1-025 1-032 1-048 1-050 1-058 1-063 1-308

Went back to the hotel to relax and give the girls a quick bath.  We stayed at the Contemporary Hotel so we would have fast access via the monorail in and out of the park.  We made dinner reservations at Liberty Tree Tavern.  There is nothing I love more than a Thanksgiving type dinner.  Seriously, nothing.  They all came and sang Happy Birthday to Miss Mini and she shared her chocolate cupcake with her cousin of course.  Mini and Milania got to meet Elsa and Ana, and let me just tell you, that may have been the most exciting part of the whole day for them.  Oh, and see their matching side ponytails.  How stinking cute?  I was having way too much fun with this… 1-312 1-322 1-327 1-154 1-121 1-141 1-150 1-328 1-335 1-338

Exhausted, we decided to head back to the hotel during the last parade.  I would have totally stayed for the fireworks, but scrooge, I mean Mike, didn’t want to get stuck in the crowds leaving the park.  So back we went.  We stopped in the hotel to grab the necessesities, milk and wine.  Within 5 minutes of putting the girls into their matching princess pjs, it was lights out.  Literally.

1-001 1-344

I was thrilled to wake up at 7am and realize I actually got to sleep through the night.  Those two girls were pooped.  We met Aunt Jessica for breakfast and we all high-tailed it to Epcot.  Mini loved meeting all the characters in the park.  Milania, not so much on this trip.  Toddlers are so funny like that, so much is dependent on their moods at the time.  Luckily she cheered up when we put her in her princess dress.   They colored and danced in Italy and had an amazing Princess lunch.  We made a deal with Mini.  She agreed to give Cinderella all of her paci’s for other little baby girls.  In exchange Cinderella was going to give her a present.  Since Mini was dressed as Cinderella, I bought a big Cinderella tiara.  When Cinderella explained to Mini that she was a princess and a big girl and placed that tiara on top of her head, I about died.  It was the most adorable thing ever.   Mini must have taken her very seriously, because that was Sunday and she has been paci free ever since.  Whew.  Thank you Cinderella.  I only wish I did this sooner, because the $17.95 tiara would have saved me the 10k I will likely have to spend on orthodontic treatment..oh well.

1-002 1-009 1-019 1-029 1-034 1-041 1-028 1-046 1-056 1-071 1-074 1-079 1-103 1-110 1-123 1-133 1-144 1-020 1-016 1-149 1-158 1-151 1-163

After lunch we headed back to Grandma’s house for a birthday BBQ.  I know.  The fun continued.  We really wanted to be able to celebrate with our whole family and have everyone sing Happy Birthday to Mini.  Mike took over the grill and I played bartender.  And by that I mean, I drank all the wine.  Listen, it was a long weekend.  Mini was so excited to come home and see her baby Joey.  She was more excited to open all of her little presents.  She is one lucky girl who has so many people who love her.

1-189 1-199 1-290 1-265 1-217 1-219 1-232 1-179 1-186 1-295

The whole weekend was a success.  I can’t believe my little baby is 3.   I love nothing more than being her mama.

Happy Birthday Mini.

Love Mama, Daddy and Baby Joey (who is seriously going to question why he isn’t in any Disney photos..)

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    Nancy Gambino
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    Love the pictures and of course you wit!

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    Too damn many show off blogs to remind the infertile childless what we are missing out on, let alone all the damn celebrities

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