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A Tale Of Two Cuzzies

This week has been insane.  We got back from our mini East Coast vaca late Tuesday night.  Barely enough time to bring our bags upstairs before Nicole and Milania came to visit!   Juliana and her cousin Milania are only 5 months apart.  When they were babies, watching them interact was well…kind of boring.  Now that they are older they are absolutely hysterical to watch.  My sister in law and I laughed A LOT while they were here.

I had all sort of plans for the 48 hours they would be here.  Imagine “Camp Danielle”.  Complete with activities, healthy snacks and scheduled nap times.  HA!  I must be all sorts of crazy.  It was complete chaos!

Lots of hugging, crying, yelling “MINE”, stealing goldfish crackers and running around naked.  I’ll let you guess who was yelling MINE and who was stealing the crackers.  And obviously it was Nicole and I running around naked.  Just kidding.  You freak.

Between my daughter wandering around target wearing a tiara and carrying a dinosaur piñata and Milania deciding to stay up well past midnight, it was an entertaining couple of days.  I was even lucky enough to get to squeeze in some activities 🙂

However, I am still trying to figure out how we went through every, single towel in this house.  If you need me, I’ll be doing laundry until further notice.

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All in all I decided this.  1 child is easy.  2 is disorganized and chaotic.  3 must be a downright disaster.  4, forget it.  And Mrs. Duggar??  She is certifiably insane.  That being said, I still want at least 3 babies.  Hey, I never claimed not to be insane.  I embrace insanity.

Oh, and that adorable little niece of mine.  She is ALWAYS welcome.  Even if she is a late night goldfish thief.


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