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My Heart Belongs To Target


As if you didn’t love it already…here are my top 10

10) It’s completely normal for cocktail sauce, diaper cream and tennis balls to all end up in 1 shopping cart.

9) They have the largest family bathroom ever.  That room will fit a cart and double stroller.  Trust me I’ve done it.  Even better then that…if you have a cart full of items that aren’t supposed to be in a bathroom until purchased.. Just ask the guy at customer service to keep an eye on the cart while you run your toddler in for a potty break.  They might silently judge the fact that you left your baby sleeping in the cart, but as long as you’re quick you’ll be fine.

8) Popcorn and soda combo.  Best $1.99 ever spent.  Every single time we go.

7) The clearance end caps.  Um, hello.  Don’t you love filling your cart with things you didn’t know you needed at a margin of the price?  It’s the reason I have tried every body wash ever created and have a surplus of lightbulbs.

6) The stock up and save event makes me feel like I’m at Costco without having to show my $45 membership card to anyone.  2 years supply of Dawn dish soap?  Check.  384 Chewy granola bars?  Check.

5) Archer farms apple fritter bread.  Toast it.  Butter it.  Make french toast out of it.  Rip the package open before you even back out of your parking space.  I don’t care what you do with it, just buy it.  You can thank me later.

4) Cartwheel.  What can be more exciting on a Tuesday morning then saving 5% on a package of strawberries.  Seriously though, did you know you can go through your cart and scan barcodes to see if there is a cartwheel on your items?  It’s like winning the lotto.  The $.18 lotto.

3) Starbucks + Wifi.  Enough said.

2) You’ve got a pharmacy, optical center, photo counter and mobile station all under one roof.  It’s like running an entire days worth of errands in one shot.

1) The #1 reason I love shopping at target is that the surplus of over-sized 2 seater wagons make me never too far away from a yoga pant wearing, messy bun mama trying to grab everything on her list before her kids lose their shit.


 XO Danielle

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