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Mr. Grey???

In the fantastic process of applying for a mortgage we find out a small little glitch that may throw the whole thing off.  What’s that you ask?  Apparently yours truly had a recent late payment on a credit card still listed in my maiden name.  In the end it was chalked up to a “bank error”, thank you to all the kind representatives that I shed many tears to these past few days.  However it definitely took the wind out of our sails for a moment.  And we are still not out of the storm.  I am not going to get excited about said “dream house” until I am actually in it.

That being said…one of the many conversations/me being scolded about being irresponsible ended with my husband saying:

Change all your cards, change your drivers license, change your social security card, change everything.  You are no longer Danielle Martin.  You are Danielle Gambino.  You are mine and I will not allow these mistakes to happen.  From now on you don’t know Danielle Martin.  You are to move forward as my wife in your new name.  No questions asked.

I have to admit I was taken back.  My husband and I go at it of course, but this was new.  Having him speak to me like that kind of threw me.  And I have to admit reminded me quite alot of Mr. Christian Grey.  You know you read the books.  Don’t be modest.  Just as I started to enjoy the lecture…

Well we had to evacuate the room.

You can figure out why.

I don’t believe Mr. Gray ever did that.  Daydream halted.

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