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Life of a babe

Time is absolutely flying.  Baby Joey just had his 2 month check up!  I can hardly believe it.  Here’s a little update.  You know, because I’m not one for filling out a baby book, so my poor children will have to read my blog in their 20’s to know what they were like as babies…too bad.

Currently eats a 6oz bottle every 4 hours.

Takes a bath every night at 7.  Loves his infant massage.  Loves being snuggled up in his swaddle.  Takes his last bottle at 7:30.  He wakes up one time between 8pm and 6am.  Usually between 1 and 3.

Joey absolutely loves the playmat we stole from Grandma’s house.  Obviously we had our own, but he just loves the bumblebee music box that hangs on hers.  So clearly, we needed to take that with us.

Doesn’t care too much for a pacifier.  Uses it for 30 seconds and pops it right out.

Poops once a day.  (You know that’s important info)

So so so smiley.  He is full of laughs and coos.  It seems like he wants to talk so badly.  Always trying to tell us something.

Hates the car.  Well I don’t know if hates is the right word, but if screaming bloody murder the whole ride means hates, well then he hates it.

Loves having his little feet tickled.

Thinks Mini is silly.  Especially when she wants to rub noses with him.  Not so much when she tries to hug/strangle him.

Oh and did I mention he weighs 15 lbs!  Eek!  He is gonna be a big boy.  He is currently at 25 inches (100th %) and 15.1 lbs (98th %).  He is still wearing 3 months and 3-6 month clothes.  But I am sure the 3 months are on their way out.   I should get rid of them before he “hulks” out of them in his sleep.

Baby Joey in pictures 🙂

Let’s start at the beginning…shall we?

025 047 098 097 154 016 030 006 034 064 067 070 093 098 151 152 174 196 004 005 003 007 013 003 009 034 022 003 006 013 003 011 019 003 005 003 006 008 022 028 018 008 003 007 008 010

If you made it to the end of this post I am seriously impressed.  You must really like us. 🙂


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