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home sweet home.


I need to confess I have been keeping a HUGE secret for the past few months.  I know, I know, you’re probably thinking, we already know you’re pregnant.  That’s quite obvious by now.  But this has been an even BIGGER secret.  And I feel like I have been holding it in for so long that I can practically burst.


Ah I said it!   That feels so good.

We are moving home.

Home home.

Not West coast Florida home.  Back to where we come from home.  Back to where we grew up.  Where all our memories are.  Where all our family is.  Home.

If I’m being honest the whole idea to move back came out of left field.  If you don’t know, we literally JUST bought a house this past summer.  We really didn’t have any intentions on leaving Birmingham just yet.  We bought a house in a great school zone and while we knew Birmingham wasn’t our forever, we thought we would spend about 3-5 more years here.

But then Mike got a call.  And a job offer soon after.  And the job is back home.  At first I actually resisted.  I can’t lie.  When he said he would like to go interview I said I wasn’t ready to leave.  What was the point.  We are happy here.  But we wanted to hear them out.  And they said all the right things.  So a decision was made.  And Mike left a company that he spent an entire DECADE working for.  And then he moved back home.

Yep, you read that right.  He moved home without us.  Ha!  I must have been insane to think that was a good idea, but it really made sense at the time.  He would be put up in a corporate apartment and I would stay here with the kids and finish out the school year.  Let me tell you.  It has been a long few months.  But we did it.  And in the next few weeks the kids and I will be packing up our things and joining him down there.  Back home.

On one hand it is so bittersweet to leave Birmingham.  We made really great friends here.  We love the community and our house and the schools.  We have a great thing going here, I can’t deny it.  But on the other hand I want to scream at the top of my lungs:


Home to my mom.  Home to the ocean.  To where I am most familiar.  To be back near all our family.  Home to Sunday dinners and bbqs and never spending another holiday alone.  Home to no one missing out on our kids birthday parties and dance recitals.  Home.   And it feels so good to say that.

The next few months are going to be quite interesting.  We haven’t sold the house yet, so we will be temporarily be living at Grandma + Grandpa’s house.  We have to find a new neighborhood, a new house, new schools, all of it.  And I’m 27 weeks pregnant on top of everything, so to say it will be a busy summer is an understatement.  But it will be good.  So good.  Because we will be home.

So that’s what we have been up to.  Keeping busy over here that’s for sure.  Never a dull moment.  But we all know dull really isn’t my thing.

Hope you’re having a great week!!



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    Karen Caruso
    April 19, 2017 at 8:16 pm

    Happy for all of you!

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