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Happy New Year!

I can’t believe 2016 is here already!  It seems as though 2015 just flew by.  Mike and I spent last night going over our goals for the new year and it seems as though they all had a common thread.  To better ourselves.  My biggest goal for the year is to live a healthier lifestyle.  Which is why I signed the kids and I up for a 5K this morning.   I know, crazy right?  I agree.

Our gym does a Commitment Day 5K and I kept seeing signs all over for it.   It was open to runners and families.  I thought about doing it, but I had never participated in a 5K before so I just pushed the idea away.  Then one day I was walking by the sign and I thought why not?  It could be something that the kids and I could do together, to start the year off right.  Unfortunately Mike had to work, so I would be on my own with both kids.  I just kept telling myself that it was going to be ok if I walked the whole thing and it would be ok if I finished in last place.  But I had to try.

So I signed up.  To tackle one of my own personal goals of doing a 5K.  To set a good example for my kids.   To prove to myself that I am capable.

And so we did it.  Mini and I did our nails matching the night before.  She got sparkles and we called it our race-day manicure.  We woke up and got all bundled up because it was going to be really cold out.  She packed her mittens and her water bottle and seemed really excited!  She went back and forth between wanting to come in first, and telling me that it didn’t matter who wins.

It was a little overwhelming when we got there for her.  As outgoing as she is, she gets shy in large groups of people.   Everyone was telling her to put the t-shirt on but I could tell she was starting to get upset so we walked to the side to wait for the race to begin.  I didn’t want to start the race with her upset.  They announced it was time to start and everyone lined up outside.  I was pretty excited!  Mini said she was going to start by running and when the horn sounded that’s what we did.  Everyone took off.  Mini’s run eventually slowed into a walk.  Then a drag.  But she didn’t want to sit in the stroller yet.  We were in dead last place.  I reminded myself that was ok.  It was about finishing.  Not finishing first.

Finally she agreed to sit and I pushed 90lbs of kids and stroller up and down the Alabama hills.  We passed one person, and then another.  We weren’t in last anymore!  It was really cold out and that did make it harder but we were doing it!  Once we got to the end she wanted to get out and run some more.  Then she hopped on my back for the final stretch of the race.  Yes.  I had her on my back and I was pushing Joey in the stroller.  I have done easier things in my life.  But we were so close.  Mini jumped off my back and took off to the finish line.  Our time was right around 50 minutes.  Everyone blew their horns and cheered when she crossed and I’ll admit I got teary eyed.  I really need to get these motherhood hormones in check 😉  But I was just so proud of her!  She kept telling me, “I did it Mama!  We did it!, We are just the best!!”.  And she’s right.  Our first goal of 2016 is already accomplished and we are on our way to a healthier lifestyle.  I am proud of her and I am proud of myself.

Hope everyone is having a very Happy New Year!

XO Danielle

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    Aunt Gailee
    January 1, 2016 at 7:39 pm

    Way to go Danielle…great way to start the year!

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