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Mini’s first haircut

OMG the time finally came to give Mini her FIRST HAIRCUT!  I have to admit, I wasn’t ready but my Minster was starting to look like a Shagster… 228

Case in point.

Soooo….much to my dismay, we called up Grandpa Pat to give Mini her first real haircut.


She was so good and well behaved (surprisingly) to sit in the salon chair and put a robe on.  I was impressed that she held it together and there were no waterworks.  She was pretty serious through the whole thing 🙂

Getting sprayed with some water


Look up!


Look down!


Look at Grandma!


Smile with Mama and Daddy


She was so good throughout the entire process, and loved her special frozen yogurt treat afterwards!  As her mama, I’m good on haircuts for a while 😉  I miss the shaggy mini baby.  She looks like a big girl now, and quite frankly..I’m not ready for that.




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