Dear Mini,

My sweet darling angel.  I can hardly believe you are going to be 22 months old at midnight.  You are so incredibly smart and imaginative.  I love watching you feed your ride-on ponies zucchini and potato chips.  And watching you give your baby dolls bottles, and putting them to bed with the night night song.  Continue Reading →

A fantastic weekend

A little late to a New Year’s resolution, but I made one nonetheless.  We shall call it my March 2013 resolution.  Mid March to be exact.  I decided to take better control of my life.  It is in my control, isn’t it.  Don’t ask Mike, he assumes he controls it.  It’s a male thing.  Or Continue Reading →

Mini’s first haircut

OMG the time finally came to give Mini her FIRST HAIRCUT!  I have to admit, I wasn’t ready but my Minster was starting to look like a Shagster… Case in point. Soooo….much to my dismay, we called up Grandpa Pat to give Mini her first real haircut. She was so good and well behaved (surprisingly) Continue Reading →

Sensory Play…Take 1

So I’ve learned throughout my short journey into the world of motherhood so far that the busier I can keep my toddler the better we all are. When Mini is busy, she is engaged, interested and my favorite, getting tired. A new, exciting morning activity leads to a nice long afternoon nap. Win win. So Continue Reading →

Mr. Grey???

In the fantastic process of applying for a mortgage we find out a small little glitch that may throw the whole thing off.  What’s that you ask?  Apparently yours truly had a recent late payment on a credit card still listed in my maiden name.  In the end it was chalked up to a “bank Continue Reading →