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I’m thinking that summer needs to end.  This 90 degree daily weather with an afternoon sauna rainstorm is totally getting to me.  Doing your hair is a complete waste of time.  It will be frizzy or sweaty in 10 minutes.  Stuffing Mini into and pulling her out of a carseat in the heat is enough to make me not want to leave the house.  And seriously, how many months of swamp ass do we have to deal with until it finally cools off around here.

I’m thinking about how Mini is such a big girl lately.  With her hair getting long and her attitude getting…fierce.  She is quite the character.  She sings at the top of her lungs.  In Chinese.  (or so it sounds).  Decides what she is going to eat, wear, drink, and do.  On a daily basis.  I draw the line at cookies for breakfast in her underwear while she is watching tv.  The kid can only get away with so much.   Her growing up makes me wonder where the hell the last 2 years went.

I’m thinking I would like to go on vacation.  I would love to take Mini, but selfishly that doesn’t seem like a vacation.  Eek.  Not that chasing my kid on the beach and playing sandcastles with my belly fat hanging over my bikini bottoms (because I wear a 2 piece even if I shouldn’t 😉 doesn’t sound like a blast.  Maybe I need 2 vacations.  One adults only.  One with Mini.  (I’ll invite my mom to come on the 2nd one).  Now that would be a vacation.

I’m thinking my baby sister may finally be getting her life together.  This is the girl who wanted to be in the medical field, forgetting that blood makes her want to pass out.  Way to waste those college years kid.  She doesn’t want to take my advice and get married and have a baby.  (Worked for me…)   But, she is finally getting into something that she loves and will make her happy.  And if going around promoting and encouraging a healthy diet and lifestyle is her thing, I am all for it.  Not for the healthy lifestyle part, but for supporting her.  From the couch.  With potato chips.   I’ll be her biggest fan 🙂

I’m thinking about how excited I am that I just signed up to adopt another soldier.  I adopted a soldier in 2010 and really loved the program.  I got placed with a young man who was stationed in Afghanistan.   It was a great experience to know that I was making a difference in his life.  That he looked forward to getting mail and emails from me and my family.  The care packages and snacks I sent him could never add up to what he was doing for me.   I cannot wait to see who I get to adopt this time!  If you are interested in adopting a soldier go here.

So…I spilled.  Now what’s on your mind?


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