Dear Mini

Dear Mini,

Well sweet angel the time has come.  You are about to become a big sister.  I can’t even believe it.   I feel as though just yesterday I was getting ready to have you.  I remember being so nervous.  Daddy wasn’t of course.  He kept trying to make me relax, but nothing can prepare you for motherhood.  I remember going down the hall for my c-section knowing that I would meet you so soon.  Everyone came to the hospital to wait for your arrival.

I remember when they handed you to me.  I looked into your little eyes and you just kept blinking up at me.  We were finally getting to see each other face to face.  No longer just voices and kicks.  Everyone always wonders what a new baby is going to look like.  Daddy told me later that when he saw you for the first time, you were exactly how he imagined.  He said as soon as he saw you, it was like he had always known you.  He had been waiting for you.  You were absolutely beautiful.  You had a head shaped like a little apple with big eyes.  Pouty, full lips and a tiny little button nose.  You have changed a lot since that day, but your little features have stayed the same.  Your lips, nose and eyes are all still just as I remember them from that day.  You have more hair now thank goodness, because you were just a little baldy bean at birth.

So what does it mean to be a big sister?  It means you will always have a best friend.  You and Joey will get to grow up together and experience everything together.  You will have your own lives and friends but always be connected to each other.  Being a big sister is going to be much different then what you are used to and I am so excited to watch how you adapt and grow into your new role in our family.

I love your little responses when I ask you about Baby Joey now.  I am still unsure of what you think is actually going on in my belly.  You don’t pay it very much attention, yet once in a while you will come up and kiss it.  And melt my heart.  You tell me that Baby Joey is going to use a paci, cry wah wah wah and drink bottles.  You also say he is going to be your best friend.  And he will be.

Be a good girl and a good role model.  He is going to look up to you.   You are older, and wiser.  And you know where mama hides the snacks.  I’m sure you two will get into heaps of trouble.  That’s ok.  I think you’re supposed to.  🙂

Cut me some slack in the next couple of months while I adjust, ok?  Remember I said nothing prepared me for motherhood.  Well for sure nothing can prepare me for having another baby.  I’m going to do the best I can.  You know I always do.  And we will get through the tough days together.  I know we will.  We are a team me and you, Mini.  And never forget, you will always be my baby.  No matter how many more babies come.

I love you so much and am so lucky that you are mine.


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    Nancy Gambino
    March 12, 2014 at 3:36 pm

    Danielle you are the best ,after reading your blog to Juliana I have been crying and trying to pull myself together. She will have all great memories with you and I know she will be the best big sister!!<3.

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