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Sunday Confession


I confess: My belly has gotten so big it is almost impossible for me to bed over.  If I drop something?  Screw it.  Unless it’s a hundred dollar bill, it’s just not worth it.   When I shower I just pray that the soap runs down my legs and self cleans my calves and feet, cause god knows I can only reach down past my knees every few days.  That being said, I have learned that it doesn’t.  I recently crossed my legs and found some sand stuck to the back of my calf that I believe has been stuck there for more days then I care to admit.

I confess: I tell people that I understand 95% of what Mini says.  That is an extreme over-exaggeration.  Sure I understand more than you will because I spend 24/7 with her.  But when she asks me a question in what is clearly A DIFFERENT LANGUAGE, you cannot possibly think I knew what the hell she just said!  So yes, I pretend I did, and answer her however I see fit.

I confess: I am a hoarder.  I think I need to go to a meeting.  The fact that I coupon means at any given time I have 150 rolls of toilet paper or 16 bottles of bbq sauce.   This isn’t even the problem, although my husband likes to think it is.  This issue is that I cannot part with old, broken things.  Things that I have no use for.  I realized this was a problem when I wanted to keep a box of old checks from a closed account and call them a “memory”.  Because you just don’t throw out memories.  Or old checkbooks.

I confess: Out of the 21 meals I served Mini last week, she ate breakfast for 15 of them.  What can I say..when the kid says pancakes she gets pancakes.


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