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Chevron Artwork DIY — Easiest Project Ever!

This DIY is seriously one of the easiest projects I have ever done.  It cost under $30.00 and I love the impact it makes in the house. The best part about this is that it is completely removable.  When we leave the West Coast, my artwork gets to come with us.  I think projects like this are such a Continue Reading →

Master Bedroom Sneak Peek

Ok so since Mike and I moved in together in October 2009 we have had the UGLIEST master bedroom ever! A regular queen bed with no headboard, mismatched nightstands, an armoire, and whatever furniture pieces didnt fit in the living space. For example for a while our room doubled as an office, complete with desk, Continue Reading →

Monogram Wall Decor

When we moved over to the West Coast I decided to get a little funky.  I wanted to add a nice pop of color to my seemingly boring cream walls.  I did however have some criteria… I didn’t want it too bright. I didn’t want it right smack out on the wall in the living Continue Reading →