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    Valentine’s Weekend Recap XO

    So, if you’ve been following for a while you may remember that Juliana and I have a Valentine’s Day Tea Party tradition.  You can check out some of the older posts…

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    new year, old me.

      I’ve been thinking a lot about all the New Years Resolutions that everyone will be making at midnight tonight.  Get skinny, (I’m sorry, healthy), get organized, be more present, enjoy life,…

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    doing the best I can.

    The sound was muffled at first.  My ears perked as they always do since having my babies but I couldn’t quite place the noise.  Confusion.  That’s all I heard.  A barely…

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    waste not want not banana bread

    Ok, so as promised I have the perfect banana bread recipe for you today.  If you’re following my $100/month grocery challenge I talked about how I made a quick banana bread to…