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To my husband…I’m sorry

Last week began like any other.  Your alarm went off early on Monday morning and before I even stumbled to the coffee pot you were showered, dressed and headed off to work.  A quick kiss and off you went.  The kids and I waved goodbye and began our own daily routine. Cook the waffles, pour Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Joey!


Joey is 2! It’s crazy to think that we just celebrated Joey’s 2nd birthday last week.  It feels like yesterday I gave birth to him.  Time is going by so quickly!  Joey has turned into quite the toddler these past few months and I have a sneaking suspicion the terrible two’s are upon us.  Especially since Continue Reading →

Freezer Egg Breakfast Burritos

Happy Monday!  I want to share a really easy breakfast tip with you.   I have zero desire to start scrambling eggs in the morning before pre-school drop off.  It’s hard enough trying to get everyone dressed and out the door there’s just no way I want to start making a mess on the stove. Continue Reading →

and I miss them…


It’s a strange feeling to look back and see how far you’ve come in life.  Pictures will remind you of times that are older then you can even remember.    Stories told will transport you back to a place that seems like such a distant memory.  Even closing your eyes and listening to a song Continue Reading →

3rd Annual Valentine’s Day Tea Party


Mini and I hosted our 3rd annual Tea party this weekend and let me just tell you, we had such a good time!  She was so into planning it with me this year.  From the decor to the menu she had an input on all of it.  Everytime I did anything this past month either in Continue Reading →