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    Little black dress

    I’ve been waiting for this day daddy. You have been sick for such a long time.  I hope you are resting peacefully.  In a place with no heartache.  No horrible, tormenting…

  • Popular Posts The Life

    I’m Not Staring At You

    I’m not staring at you. Really I’m not. I know it seems like I am.  From across the grocery aisle.  With my 2 kids yelling like banshees in the cart.  In…

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    I Am Danielle.

    The other afternoon while Mike and I were playing around with Mini, I started my usual game of “toddler 20 questions”.  It’s one of my favorite games because the answers are…

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    The truth about being pregnant

    I can feel the light creeping in through the blinds.  Please no.  Not yet.  My head is throbbing.  I am starving.  No… nauseous.  No… starving.  I can’t decide.  I try to…