Dear Mini

Dear Mini, on your Preschool Graduation day,

Dear Mini,

This summer of milestones has been five years in the making.  I always knew this time would come, but for a long time it seemed so far away.  Graduation, your fifth birthday, the first day of kindergarten.   It is truly a milestone summer.  And it begins today.  

It’s a big day for you today Mini.  Tonight you will walk across that stage wearing your first in a series of graduation caps.  The smallest of them all.  Your gown will hang down too long and your little shoes will poke out of the bottom.  I will hear that familiar song play and tears will well up in my eyes.  As they have every time I picture you getting your little diploma.  Preschool graduation.  You worked so hard to get to this day.  Practicing to read and write.  Learning new things every single day.  And I am so, so proud of you.  

It’s a tough time for mama though.  These milestones are a bit overwhelming for me.  You see, the time is passing a lot faster than it is supposed to.  Some of my favorite moments with you as a baby are becoming distant memories.  The older you get the farther away they seem.  And it’s just all happening really fast for me.  So don’t worry if you see me cry.  I’m not sad, I promise.  I will be bursting with pride to see you cross that stage.  To see the look on your tiny face.  Beaming with excitement standing up there with all of your friends. 

Tonight we celebrate the first of many milestones.  I imagine they will just get harder for me the older you get but I guess that’s life.  And as impossibly hard as it is for me, I love to watch you grow. You make me proud everyday and I am so lucky to be your mama.

Love, Mama 

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