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I’m noticing that as the years pass me by not only do they seem to be going faster, they seem to be more full.  More friends getting married, careers being chosen, babies being born.  The last few years have felt so filling.  So much has happened and there is so much to still look forward to.

2014 feels like a gigantic roller coaster ride.  If it was a book the seams would be bursting.  Pages bent from where they were read and re-read.  Felt tip markings covering the chapters with words of encouragement, inspiration and deep dark thoughts.    I gave birth to my son this year.  I lost my father this year.  My husband got the promotion of his career this year.  We moved cross states this year.   Eventful hardly seems a fitting word to describe the year.  Perhaps exhausting would be better…

I am not one for New Year’s resolutions.   However, I will be 30 in 2015 and I think there are some things in my life I really need to work on before the big 3-0.  So here goes…

Get dressed everyday.

Ok, I know this sounds like common sense but for me it’s not.  I will literally have a 72 hour pajama party.  Almost every week.  Between being pregnant, giving birth to Joey, and moving to freezing cold Alabama getting dressed really wasn’t in the cards this year.  Especially when I work from home and the only place I really have to go is drop Mini and pick her up from pre-K.  Oh, and it’s a carpool, where I don’t have to get out of the car.  Pretty sure I drove up more than once in my fuzzy polka dot robe.  It needs to end.  Clothing will be mandatory in 2015.


I realized during this move that I actually moved a few boxes that haven’t been opened since the last time we moved.  If it’s been 2 years and I haven’t needed it, it’s probably trash.  Now, let’s not get crazy.  I am not one to clean and organize.  So I assume this “purge” goal will take most of the year.  Slow and steady.  Hey, the other day my shirt had a little hole in it and I tossed it.  Not a bad start if I say so myself…

Move more

The older I get the more I notice how if I don’t eat right and stay active how awful my body feels.  I hate it.  I miss the days of McDonalds + my couch + my size 4 jeans.  WTF 29.   2 babies later and I literally feel like a sloth.  It’s time to start eating more fruits and veggies and moving my body more.   Getting old sucks.

Empty the sink before bed

Again, this may be common sense.  I usually don’t cook dinner until 9 when Mike is getting home from work.  So by the time we eat, talk, drink etc…it’s 10:30.  Well I don’t want to be doing dishes at 10:30.  So I am in the habit of loading the dishwasher and leaving pots and pans to soak in the sink.  Fast forward to the morning when I wake up and feel like I am already behind that damn 8 ball.  I go to make the coffee and my sink is still full.  So, I am going to try to wash those pots and pans before bed.   I have to set myself up for success.   Or at least free the sink up to make room for breakfast dishes…

Stop sleeping in my clothes

So on the rare days that I do have to get dressed, (publix run, dr apt, date night), I usually end up falling asleep in whatever clothing I wore that day.  So that’s fun.  Go to get the mail at 4pm in leggings and a tunic and wave to the neighbor.  Then in the morning stumble out of bed and take Mini to school wearing the same outfit.  And wave to the same neighbor.   2015 is the year for wearing pajamas at night, when they are supposed to be worn.  PJs at night.  Clothes during the day.   I repeat.  PJs at night.  Clothes during the day.

Learn how to fold a fitted sheet

Ok, so my confession is that this goal makes the list every year.  For the life of me I cannot fold a fitted sheet.  I have asked my mother, I have watched old ladies do it on youtube, I have tried my own approach, and still nothing.  My folded sheets look like I took them out of the dryer and balled them up and then shoved them in the linen closet.  When in reality I took them out of the dryer, shook the pillow cases out of it.  Laid it flat.  Folded this side to that side.  This corner into that corner.  Smoothed.  Flattened.  Rolled.  And still ended up in a ball.  Well 2015 is my year for the folded sheet.  Just watch me.

So those are my goals.  Not looking to go crazy.  Not making any crazy demands on myself to lose the 20 lbs.  Just want to figure out how to wear the right clothes at the right time… I don’t think that’s a lot to ask of myself.  But then again…we shall see.

So, Happy New Year.   I wish you peace and happiness in 2015.




Credit for the quote above goes to my good friend Ashley at Ocean Avenue Boutique!  Check her out on IG @oceanaveboutique


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