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    Chef Mini’s Chicken Nuggets

    Like most toddlers if you ask Mini what she wants to eat, you will get the standard “chicken nuggets and french fries” answer.  Unless it’s breakfast last Thursday.  Then she wanted…

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    Mini’s Famous Anana Smoothie

    Yep, that’s right.  It’s a sneaky toddler smoothie.  As Miss Mini says..”ANANA SMOOTHIE PEEAASS MAMA”.  Translation into Enlish: Banana smoothie please mama.   She’s working on it 😉 I have such…

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    Chicken Lettuce Wraps

    I’ve had a craving for chicken lettuce wraps for about a week now.   I also have not been in the mood to cook for about a week now.  So I made this…

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    Dinner Two Ways

    I’m on the road to eating clean and I’m already bored.  I started the Advocare 10 cleanse and honestly, the clean eating got boring after day 2.  I knew I needed…

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    Dinner For One

    With Mike working in the restaurant business and all sorts of long hours, I am on my own for dinner a few nights a week.  It is super easy and delicious…