Hi my name's Danielle and I'm addicted to jalapeño potato chips ✌️ #hidanielle #sorryimnotsorry #cantstopwontstop

Hi my name’s Danielle and I’m addicted to jalapeño potato chips ✌️ #hidanielle #sorryimnotsorry #cantstopwontstop

It’s funny how when you need to write about youself, your mind goes blank.  Crazy, I know, because I usually talk non-stop about myself.  My husband.  My daughter.  My job.  What I cooked.  What I’m wearing.  My favorite lipgloss.  When I last brushed my teeth.  I talk about all of those things.  All the time.  Mike’s ears probably bleed at night.  He’ll survive.  He’s come this far.

I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, sister, cousin, aunt, and friend.  I take each and every one of those roles seriously and try to do my very best at each.

LOVES: Cake. DIY projects. Moroccan print. Diamonds. Neutral nail polish. The Costco “food court”. Bloomingdales sale racks. Sunglasses that cover 70% of your face. The food network. Mini’s infectious laugh. Maxi skirts. Glitter. Anything target. Beach picnics. Tufted headboards. Wedges. Positive thinking books. Mike’s cooking. Exfoliating. Anything fried. Classic cosmos. Dancing.

HATES: Violence. Sodas with calories. Cleaning. Leaving the store without what I went for. Flying.  Jealousy. Mike’s obnoxious temper. Cold soup. Miami traffic. Dark liquor. Mannequins. Paying full price. Milk. Stale chips. Photo collages. The kitten heel.  The color red. Death.

Fix yourself a martini, Danielle style.   Easy on the juice.  Get comfy and stay a while.  I’d love for you to experience the chaos that is my daily life.



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