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home sweet home.


I need to confess I have been keeping a HUGE secret for the past few months.  I know, I know, you’re probably thinking, we already know you’re pregnant.  That’s quite obvious by now.  But this has been an even BIGGER secret.  And I feel like I have been holding it in for so long that Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Weekend Recap XO


So, if you’ve been following for a while you may remember that Juliana and I have a Valentine’s Day Tea Party tradition.  You can check out some of the older posts here, here and here.  I started this tradition a few years back when Juliana was 2 years old.  I love the idea of having Continue Reading →

i wonder how they celebrate birthdays in heaven.


Her big brown eyes turned to look at me, “can you play it mama”.  Big pools of innocence staring up at me; she has no idea what she is asking.  How playing it will release the floodgates.  How listening to the words will reopen every wound.  How the song will take me to a place that Continue Reading →

new year, old me.


  I’ve been thinking a lot about all the New Years Resolutions that everyone will be making at midnight tonight.  Get skinny, (I’m sorry, healthy), get organized, be more present, enjoy life, travel.  Blah blah.  New year, new me.  That’s what they’ll all say.  But screw that.  I like me.  I like the 2016 me.  And Continue Reading →

doing the best I can.

The sound was muffled at first.  My ears perked as they always do since having my babies but I couldn’t quite place the noise.  Confusion.  That’s all I heard.  A barely audible gasp followed by a few soft thumps.  After what can only be described as the longest second of my life I realized what Continue Reading →